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Microsoft Access for Business

40 Hours of Free Microsoft Access Database Programming

Advanced Database Solution is offering your company 40 free hours of Microsoft Access Development. Our professional MS Access programmers will construct a data system specifically built around the way you do business.

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Who we are and why we're making this offer.

Advanced Database Solutions (aka, A.D.S.) is a specialized custom data system programming company. We have clients throughout the Southeast, Southwest, Midwest and Western States. Microsoft Access software development is our forte. We also do software development with other applications, such as MS SQL Server, .NET and MySQL, just to name a few.

We currently offer the 40 hours of free Access programming because we want to build new relationships with businesses. A.D.S. wants to be part of what makes you successful and we want your company to have the software tools it needs to grow.

Microsoft Access for Small Business

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Microsoft Access Company

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"So, what’s the catch?"

Though we can write, fix, and enhance data-driven custom ASP.NET web sites and larger data systems that use SQL Server or MySQL, this offer applies only to a new custom data system, using Microsoft Access. Besides this, there is no catch. You really do get 40 hours worth of Advanced Database Solution's programming (time) to write your business's unique MS Access database. By the way, you do not have to have MS Access on your computer(s). We will install (a free runtime version) of MS Access, if you do not have it.

See eligibility, requirements and rules for further information about this offer.

Why choose A.D.S. to create your free Access program?

Besides the fact that you will get 40 hours of free programming performed by our expert Access database developers, you will also find that there will be little to no learning curve to master your easy-to-use data system. It’s not like boxed / pre-packaged software, where someone at your company will have to spend days to weeks shopping for it, and then figure out the licensing and how to load the program onto your business’s network computers, and then read the 250+ page manual to figure out how to use it. We’ll take care of that for you.

All of the database systems A.D.S. creates can be used by multiple users at the same time on your network, and the best reason... Our systems are created to save your company time and money.

The owner of A.D.S. has been an MS Access software programmer for 12+ years and handles all of the design concepts, to make sure that your system is the best that it can be, because your business needs to stand out above the competition.

If you're not completely sure what an Access software program is, or if you’re still unsure how a free MS Access database program can help your business, click here... “What is Microsoft Access and what can it do for your company?

Uses of Microsoft Access in Business

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